Post Bag 621 摺疊購物袋系列 (紅藍款)


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展開 Spread_ L 320mm x W 400mm
摺疊 Fold_ L 160mm x W 100mm

Tyvek、縫紉棉線(Sewing Cotton Threads)

Brick / Azure (紅藍款)

Post Bag系列是結合購物袋與卡片的設計商品,折疊時為信封樣式,攤開成為自由塗鴉書寫的卡片,表達你獨特的創意與心意。


Post Bags are specially designed carrier bags that combine the concept of cards and shopping bags. You can fold it as an envelope to mail and spread it open as a card to display your innovative ideas and thoughts on it.

The series include Envelope Style Post Bags (621-624) with 4 varieties of colors. Envelope Style is an envelope when you fold it as well as a letter when you spread it open and express your thoughts as much as you can.

Post Bags also provide you with the wide choices to display by writing and drawing (on Envelope Style) or not to display just maintain the perfect original styles.

材質說明 / Tyvek

Post Bag系列使用Tyvek為主要材質,同時擁有紙張與強韌纖維的特性,防水透氣,輕盈耐久抗撕裂,可回收不傷害自然。

Tyrek is selected as main material for Post Bags, characteristic of both paper and strong fiber, light, water resistant, breathable, tear resistant, degradable and recyclable to consider the environment.

使用說明及保養方式 / Manual

1. 卡片袋可使用油性簽字筆完成繪圖或書寫。

2. 材質可水洗,沾染髒污時可用濕布擦拭即可。

1. On Envelope Style, use oil-marking pen to write or draw.

2. Material is washable. The stain, dust and greasy fingerprints can be wiped off with wet cloth.






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