Ketchup 帆布袋


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產品尺寸:35 x 40 cm 


Did you know the original ketchup recipe contained no tomatoes? The earliest ketchup was made from pickled oysters and mushrooms! Nowadays, people pay more attention to what goes in the food we eat, therefore many ingredients have changed since then. Ketchup now contains an average of 4.5 real tomatoes in them. But there are still lots of fake foods around. Have a closer look around, after all, we are what we eat!


要解決一個議題,必須要先了解一個議題。但我們到底對生活周遭的社會及環境議題了解多少?我們每天呼吸到的空氣到底有多髒? 遙遠發生的漏油事件到底跟我有什麼關聯? 古蹟為什麼無法受到良好的保存?小小一碗魚翅吃下肚到底有什麼關係?

 因此Case決定透過產品來與大眾敘說一些正在發生的社會及環境議題,除了讓大家認識每項議題外,更能了解嚴重程度及議題與自己的關聯。 當每個人開始關注、開始自發性的發現問題與找出解決方式時,這將代表這個世界正在改變。所以,我們希望讓商品說話、並以一傳一的行為模式讓更多人一起瞭解、響應全球正在關注的變化,更提醒著每一個人隨時隨地問問自已:「我們能如何改變?」

 To solve an issue, one must first understand the issue. But how much do we really know about the issues going on around us? How dirty is the air we breathe? How does oil spills happening miles away affect us? Why is protecting our historical heritage such a difficult task? Why is indulging a small bowl of shark fin soup endangering the sharks?

 CASE wants to illustrate environmental and social issues via everyday objects, not only wanting people to understand the issues surrounding us, but also to comprehend the scale as well as raise awareness of how the issues relate to each and every one of us. The world will change only when everyone starts to care and be the change. We want everyone to be a small hero that causes a big change. We want everyone to ask themselves “What can I do?”



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